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Head Coach: Jon Gruden
Head Coach: - Jon Gruden
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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 Does Gruden have his eyes on 49ers?
 49ers coach Mike Singletary knows he's under fire for the team's 4-8 record. But he says he doesn't pay attention to what's written, even as reports surface of Jon Gruden's supposed interest in San Francisco. (click for more...)
 Tampa Bay happy to take ex-Cowboy receivers
 Joey Galloway will always be remembered as a monumental trade bust in Dallas, but they love him in Tampa Bay. Galloway, who was shipped to the Bucs for Keyshawn Johnson, is the only receiver in franchise history with three consecutive 1,000-yard seasons.

Galloway has missed the last five games with a foot injury and is iffy this week. Ex-Cowboy Antonio Bryant, who arrived in Tampa Bay after stops in Cleveland, San Francisco and NFL purgatory, has filled Galloway's shoes as the Bucs' primary weapon in the passing game.

"He's put it together here," coach Jon Gruden said. "It's real credit to him. ... He's clearly on the rise, and we need his help, that's for sure."

Gruden has mentioned a few times that Bryant was talented enough to start opposite Michael Irvin as a rookie. That's not true -- Bryant arrived in Dallas a few years after The Playmaker's retirement and wore his No. 88 -- but Gruden really only cares about what the ex-Cowboys receivers do aft (click for more...)

 Jon Gruden on Brad Johnson
 Brad Johnson is one of the reasons why Jon Gruden has a Super Bowl ring. He was the Bucs' starter in 2002 and has a Pro Bowl season with 22 touchdowns and just six interceptions.

We asked Gruden on Wednesday about Johnson and he wasn't very good. He was a bit better with the Tampa Bay media on Thursday when he was asked about Johnson being "Captain Checkdown."

"Well, you play against Tampa Two every day, you don't have much choice," Gruden said. "Every day in practice you're going to have to find those passing lanes. He's had 4,000-yard seasons. He's wearing a Super Bowl ring. He threw for 280 yards in the Vet in the NFC Championship Game. I've seen him throw five touchdown passes in a game. Call him whatever you want, he's a hell of a player. He's a good player, a good player. A great guy, too. A winner."

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