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strength and conditioning Jeff Fish
strength and conditioning - Jeff Fish
Oakland Raiders
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 Fisher's future could be in jeopardy
 It's been a tough season for Titans coach Jeff Fisher, who has battled with QB Vince Young and a six-game losing streak. But now owner Bud Adams is unhappy, saying he'll take a close look at things at the end of the season. (click for more...)
 End of the line for Vince Young?
 Vince Young storms out of the Titans locker room Sunday after a heated exchange with Titans coach Jeff Fisher. Given their history, it's possible one of them won't be back in Tennessee next season. The choice could be in the hands of owner Bud Adams. (click for more...)
 Jeff Fisher not worried about job security (The National Football Post)
 After losing six games in a row, Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher says he's not thinking about his job... (click for more...)
 Titans may get younger as season ends
 With six straight losses and a 5-8 record, the Titans are mathematically alive for the playoffs - barely - and Coach Jeff Fisher finds himself in an interesting dilemma.

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 face another Ryan Brothers defense
 There are some differences in the defensive philosophies of Rex and Rob Ryan, but by and large they make things miserable for opposing quarterbacks.

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