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DB Roy Williams
DB - Roy Williams # 31

Height: 6'0" Weight: 226 lbs Born: 8/14/1980 Years: 7
Dallas Cowboys
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WR Roy Williams is a world champion!!!
12/15/2010 6:24:12 AM - I noticed two big, shiny, plastic-gold championship belts in WR Roy Williams' locker today and decided to do some investigative journalism.

While Williams didn't win a lot of football games in Detroit, he did claim a couple world titles. One belt is for the World Championship. The other is for the World Dominoes Championship.

I'm not sure whether anybody but Williams recognizes the titles. After all, he bought the belts himself at Toys R Us.

Ken Hamlin, Williams' neighbor in the Valley Ranch locker room, started jawing about the dominoes title. before Williams' arrival, and he doesn't believe that changed after the trade with Detroit.

"You see that bling up there?" Williams asked, interrupting Hamlin. "You see the way the light (more...)

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